The leading SOC and ASIC design services company
Synapse Design offers complete turnkey development services in the software and embedded firmware space. With our strong heritage in semiconductor development, we are the ideal partners to work with to support your systems level software and embedded firmware needs.

Our expertise spans low-level code to control the hardware, embedded firmware to implement the core functionality, up to middleware to manage the transactions between layers, and continues to the application software needed to tie it all together and test it.

Our team is experienced on the latest embedded processors, languages and development environments.

Hardware Platforms

Bit-banging, bare metal programming, low level drivers -- however you think of the lowest layer in your embedded design, Synapse Design has the right expertise to tackle the task. Our engineers have experience in all of the mainstream processors and operating systems.


Synapse Design has deep expertise in the design and implementation of low level firmware in a variety of environments. From interface command handlers to core feature functionality on multi processor real time operating systems, Synapse Design is your best choice to manage this type of design and implementation. Synapse Design’s engineers have extensive experience developing and managing common code bases to best leverage the available code space.


Given the broad range of end application environments Synapse Design serves, we are the perfect partner to develop the interface layers between your OS and applications. Synapse Design has particular expertise in the embedded systems environment and has worked with countless protocol stacks, networking stacks, security implementations and database managers. Our engineers have a wide range of experience to develop sophisticated abstraction layers between your hardware and application layers to make management of future changes a snap.


User interfaces, tools development, bench debug environments and higher level user applications are all a necessity in today’s systems implementations. Synapse Design has developed and implemented countless applications in the embedded and system software domain.