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Design For Test Engineer

Post date :06/29/2022
Job Duties:
  •  Architecting and Designing the entire DFT architecture of the design
  • Develop the customized STEM based DFT methodologies for the project
  • Scan insertion, Scan Compression insertion, Power aware ATPG, analyzing & fixing design rule checks (DRC).
  • Block level and SOC level pattern generation and Simulation with advanced faults models including stuck-at, Transition, IDDQ, Path delay, Cell-aware etc.
  • Hierarchical clock controller implementation
  • Implicit chains to be implemented to integrate the external logics to the core
  • On chip controller implementation to facilitate at-speed testability
  • Coverage analysis on low Test coverage with Stuck-at, Transition and other fault models
  • Spyglass Test point insertion for test cost reduction
  • Developing STA (Static Timing Analysis) constraints for DFT circuitry
  • Static and Dynamic timing analysis & optimization
  • Pattern porting flow development to cut short design cycle and ATPG runtime
  • Diagnostics and Post silicon debugging, root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Boundary Scan Insertion (Bscan), pattern generation and verification to test for IEEE 1149.1 compliance
  • Memory built in self-test (MBIST) & Programmable BIST insertion, memory test vector creation, simulation and failure debugging
  • Develop the STEM based validation environment to simulate all the DFT circuitry.
  • Contact :

    To apply please mention Job Code S05 and mail resumes to: Attn. Rosheni Fernando, Director Finance and Administration, Synapse Design Automation, Inc., 2200 Laurelwood Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95054.