The leading SOC and ASIC design services company
Business Model
Synapse Design is uniquely focused on the success of our clients, and to attain this goal we support a number of flexible business models based on what is in the client`s best interest. Once we have gained a complete understanding of their needs, we deploy the required skill sets at the appropriate locations, around the globe, within the best-fit engagement model. In addition to the experienced engineers that will get the job done right the first time, we also supply technical and project leadership as required by the client.
Turnkey Projects

In our Turnkey engagement model we take full responsibility for milestone deliveries within a jointly agreed-upon schedule. Often our clients will request this model when turning derivative products over to us, or when they need a full set of skills which are not readily available within their company at that time.

Typically our team will be deployed at a Synapse design center, either locally to where the client`s team is located, or off-site or off-shore from the client. We also most often will supply the required hardware and software resources.

With a well defined and managed process, plus regular updates, our clients are assured of high quality results, with minimal impact to their other ongoing projects.

Staff Augmentation

When a client has many of the required engineers available for a project, but not all, or needs specialized skills in one or more areas, we will employ a staff augmentation model. In this model, the client has a ready source of just those skills that are needed, in just the timeframe in which they are required. The engineers reside at the client location, working right alongside the client`s team.

Maintaining full control over the schedules and day-to-day assignments of these highly skilled engineers, and having them as an integral part of their team, our clients are able to bring next generation products into the market in a timely manner.
Location of the Synapse Design Team

In order to meet the needs of our clients in the many geographies in which they operate, Synapse Design has built a global workforce. We can deploy engineers around the world from our offices in the US, Europe, India and China. We supply engineers either at a client location or at a Synapse Design location.

We are truly a global partner with our clients.
Technical and Project Management

Synapse Design has built its reputation on the strength of its engineers. In addition to strong individual contributors, Synapse Design has many senior engineers that anchor our teams, providing technical direction and mentoring. When required, we offer project management and oversight functions, utilizing the skills and knowledge gained by our management team over many years of successfully completing large, complex projects.

With a truly flexible model, we offer our clients the right solution, in the right locations, with the appropriate amount of technical and project leadership, allowing them to bring exciting and successful products to the market in a timely manner.

Synapse has built state-of-the-art methodologies in all areas of design. We use these methodologies and the accompanying flows to implement some of the most complex hardware and software designs for our clients. We have internal systems that encapsulate these flows and allow working level engineers as well as managers to easily track the progress of their designs.

We also have experience on all the latest 3rd party tools and techniques, and often our engineers will work directly with a methodology and flow as defined by our clients, adding customizations when requested.