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Analog & Mixed Signal

Circuit Design

Synapse Design circuit design team has experts in most analog disciplines including the following:

  • High-speed IO design
    • DDR1 through DDR4
    • LVDS
  • IO libraries
  • Power management units
  • Low power custom circuit design
  • Custom SRAM/DRAM/TCAM design
  • PLLs, DLLs & Oscillators
  • DACs and ADCs
  • IP conversion: new process nodes & technologies
  • SerDes PHYs
    • USB 2.0/3.0
    • PCI Express
    • 10GE
  • Switching and linear regulators
  • Charge pump regulators
  • Discrete op-amps

Custom Layout

Synapse Design layout team has layout experience down to 20nm working on analog circuits including SerDes, RF, PMUs and various types of memories.

Verification & Characterization

Synapse Design has a team of Verilog-AMS experts who can build state of the art mixed signal verification environments for sophisticated mixed signal ICs. The Synapse Design team has built complex verification environments from scratch, written self-checking assertion checks, created randomization test cases. When working with design verification teams, the AMS coverage can be merged with the digital verification environment to ensure that interfaces have been covered in either environment.

Synapse Design has helped its clients get up and running on the latest verification methodologies including Verilog-A/AMS modeling as well as RNM. Synapse Design modeling experts have supported the architecture and specification phase by building models that work in conjunction with the system model. Once the system model is found to meet the objective then the specification is generated from the Verilog-A/AMS model.

Synapse Design has helped clients convert their Verilog-A models into RNM models; RNM allows the digital verification team to verify the design to the same level as the AMS team but getting the results significantly faster than the AMS.