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Android Platform
  • WMA decoder performance enhancement on TI DSP C55x processor
  • MP3 Encoder psychoacoustics model simplificationand rate control module optimisation
  • MPEG4 encoder optimization (Motion Estimation) on OMAP3430 processor.
  • Real Video decoder performance enhancement on TI DSP C55x processor.
  • Software Mixer with sample rate converter.
    • Supports dynamic addition and removal of audio streams.
    • Maximum of three input audio Streams.
    • Sample rate conversion from all common frequencies to 48 and/or 44.1 Khz
  • OpenMax IL base profile for various multimedia codecs (H264 decoder, Mpeg4 encoder and decoder, MP3 decoder, AAC decoder, WMA Decoder)
  • OOMX Core supports loading of OMX components running on DSP and/or ARM